JLI - Torah Studies 

Torah Studies is an opportunity to finally get to learn the Torah for yourself with real sources, in a way you've probably never experienced. Get to know Torah. For Real.


Coffee and Kabalah

Learn, delve, and explore your real inner self. Through the lens of Kabalah and Chassidus you will begin to see The Creator, the world and yourself in an entire different light.



If you have questions weighing on your mind, seek clarification on Jewish matters, or simply would like to learn more what it means to be a Jew, we are here for you.


Bar Mitzvah Lessons

We offer lessons in Torah reading, Bar Mitzvah and Jewish life preparations for the adult-to-be.


Marriage Preparation 

Prepare for the big day with guidance and meaning. Learn the Jewish laws and customs to make your marriage a little deeper, a little holier, a little more Jewish.